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Workshop I - Making Good Business Decisions On Purpose

Good business decisions are aligned with the business vision, goals and objective. To keep the business on course, it is good to have a growth map to guide and measure progress. Making good decisions on Purpose is easier when you have a clear Purpose.

Aligning your business with your real purpose
Clearly identifying the needs and problems that your business satisfies for clients
Amplify why customers should do business with you and much more
Workshop II - Building Your Business Structure On Purpose

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Structure in a business organization brings order to chaos. It reduces the tendency to react to challenges by facilitating a systematic response. It gives clarity to everyone in the organization. Structure allows the business to grow without collapsing under the weight of growth. Building structure in the business with intention, on purpose, gives the owner more controls and tools to operate at a strategic level rather than at the ground level.

The value of systems
Outline essential systems for a business to implement
Strategic Management and much more
Workshop III - Providing Leadership to Your Business On Purpose

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The entrepreneur is the leader of the business. The entrepreneur is more effective with a team. Building your business team requires good leadership and communication skills. A business with a working team is more efficient, more profitable and more attractive.

Building your team and delegating effectively
Providing inspiration and direction
Manage the system, lead the people and much more

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